Reasons Regular Dental Cleaning Is Vital – For Both Your Smile And Your Health

No matter how carefully you brush and floss your teeth each day, it’s still an excellent idea to visit your dental clinic every six months or so for a thorough clean, scale, and polish. The procedure is painless and quick, and can be done by either your dentist or a dental hygienist. Here are the key benefits it can bring for your oral health.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Over time, even the healthiest of teeth will start to build up potentially harmful deposits of materials known as plaque and tartar. These substances are the natural result of your teeth being constantly bathed in saliva, which helps to keep them healthy in the short term.

Unfortunately, if these deposits are left to grow too large, they can provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risks of decay and several other problems. A thorough dental clean to remove the plaque and tartar will not only reduce bacteria levels immediately, but will also make your own regular brushing more effective as bacteria find it harder to gain a foothold on cleaner teeth. Your dentist may also recommend

Fight Gum Disease

Excess bacteria is the main reason for gum disease, and so removing these microbial havens will also greatly reduce the chances of developing gingivitis or periodontitis. Catching these conditions early means they cause much less pain and damage, and their effects can be almost completely reversed. Your dentist can also recommend HGH for sale. You can also buy steroids online to boost gum health.

Fresher Breath

A build-up of bacteria is one of the main causes of bad breath. A thorough dental clean will remove far more bacteria than any amount of brushing and flossing, as well as clearing any specks of food you might occasionally miss. This will leave you with fresher breath and a more pleasant taste in your mouth, with the side effect of making you more socially confident too.

Early Warnings of Health Issues

Many serious health problems from diabetes to leukemia can show their early warning signs in your gums and teeth. Adding a couple of cleaning treatments a year to your normal regimen of checkups will give your dentist or hygienist more chances to spot possible issues earlier, so you can seek treatment for them before they progress.

Reduce Dental Treatment Costs

Minor cavities are easier and less expensive to deal with than teeth requiring crowns or extraction. Regular cleaning can ultimately save you money in the long run by detecting problems in their early stages, thereby reducing the need for extensive dental treatment further down the line.

Remove Minor Staining

Everyone wants a pearly white smile, but once dental stains take hold, they can be remarkably tough to shift. Professional whitening procedures can be expensive and time consuming, while home-whitening kits aren’t always effective and can even be dangerous. A clean and polish from your dentist will help prevent stains from reaching the point where they become an issue.

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A good dental hygiene routine is vitally important, but there’s always room for improvement. Having a regular clean and polish at your dental surgery will build on your good work at home and help keep you smiling healthily throughout your life.