Why Crash Diet Isn’t Good For You

Too many people try to lose weight using questionable methods just to achieve their goal. This often backfires with more problems than solutions. For instance, they may suddenly attempt a crash diet restricting their calorie intake to the extreme. This may appear to produce the intended results but several issues become apparent with time.

1. It is an unsustainable practice.

This is too excessive of a change to sustain. It is simply impossible to keep restricting calories at this level and not have problems. Consuming just 500 calories a day, for example, will make a personal feel weak and barely able to perform daily responsibilities. The hunger will eventually mount and push back with a return to the former way of eating. This will lead to an increase in weight that will wipe out all of the progress made before. To keep weight off, people should adopt a moderate and sensible approach.

2. It increases your health risks.

Crash diets are dangerous because they increase health risks. When you subscribe to this method, you are likely to fluctuate your weight like a yo-yo. This is not good for your body which works better if things are kept mostly stable. The cardiovascular system, in particular, will be harmed by this practice. A study among animals found that yo-yo dieting decreases glucose tolerance and changes fat tissue. People who do this are at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

3. It eliminates mostly water weight.

The thing with crash diets is that you will appear to lose weight drastically which is exactly what you want. You will thus think that this is a good thing. However, the reality is that the weight you lost is not actually burned fat but just water eliminated from your system. The change is not meaningful and can be reversed quite quickly. Most people cut out carbs the most which prevents the body from retaining fluids. You will pee a lot and thus feel lighter. Once you go back to your old eating habits, all the weight lost will come roaring in.

4. It will ruin your mood.

Extreme diet alters your brain chemistry. Since your body is being deprived of the calories it needs, you will feel low on energy. Since you are not getting enough nutrients, things just won’t feel right. Being hungry all the time will make you lethargic and irritable. Your mood swings will put off those around you and may affect your relationships. Remember that the brain needs carbohydrates to function well. Feed it right to feel good.

5. It perpetuates a vicious cycle.

Going on an extreme diet simply does not work over the long haul. You merely get short-term results that do not last long. Real gains can be achieved through a careful and calculated approach that uses sustainable practices. Instead of drastically cutting calories, think about improving the quality of the food that you eat. Avoid processed food and steer clear of refined sugars. Make a food diary for a week and look for opportunities for improvement.